Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Cittá, city of a thousand golden palaces and uncounted crystal towers... a city of unimaginable wealth; largest and most beautiful of all cities ever built!

For the highborn, a city of riches and ease... but you are not of the highborn.  You may have been part of the working class; those who fed, or clothed or guarded Cittá.  Maybe you were a baker, a butcher, a smith, or a jeweler, or possibly a scribe or a soldier or a guard.  Maybe you were lower than that; one of the Unseen:  a beggar, a sewerman, a cutpurse, an undertaker, or even a prisoner in the dungeons beneath Cittá.  In any case, the wealth and glory of Cittá was not for you, and your life was destined to be one of toil and drudgery.

Until you were offered an out... 7 years of indentured service, then freedom, true freedom, to live as you would, away from Cittá!  At first it seemed too good to be true.  Away from Cittá?  The city was all!  How could there be anyplace else?  And just seven years, rather than a lifetime?  Ridiculous!  But still, you were curious.  Who?  How?  And where?  Could it be possible?

A certain merchant caravan seemed to be the key... 

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