Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Game Report #6 - Goblin "Friends" (17 May 13)

Our group this time consisted of M, L2, J, J2, N, v, S (via Skype), L and D.

They played (in marching order) Dave, Gimly, Jimmy, Draco, Shern, Rudy, Salvador, Kaza-rune, Sammy, Enteri, Brock, Gilder, Gorgoron, Paul, Billy, Tiny, Reaper, Bellatrix, James, John, Annie, Angara, Anja, Snowflake, Weeder, Weeder Jr., Fred and Stewi66.

As the players settled in to play, they discussed their options.  Suggestions for the evening ranged from continuing their exploration of the Kemper Village Mausoleum, to joining the Orc tribe, to heading south, in a new direction, through the swamps.  It had been 3 months since they last ventured forth from Milburn Hall, so I let them know that another group had visited the Kobold's lair while they were sitting around.  This group had returned with much treasure, including a golden necklace set with gems that the Jeweller bought for 4000 gold pieces!  Immediately, all other plans went by the wayside... treasure hunting was the order of the day!

Arming themselves, the party set off for the kobold's lair.  As they explored an area in the caverns they'd never been to, they surprised a group of goblins.  They slaughtered ten of them (and saw the death of Shern) before the last two fell to the ground and begged for mercy.  It turned out the two were a couple, Scrint (male) and Beeko (female) and they cried piteously until the party agreed not only to spare them, but to help them survive by bringing them meat between adventures!  Beeko fainted, and remained out most of the rest of the night, waking up occasionally to scream and faint again.  At their behest, Scrint led them to the place the kobolds lived, but the cavern proved empty.  After searching for a while, they found a secret door, with a staircase behind it, leading down.

As the party headed down the stairs, the walls of the cavern gave way to dressed stone.  The party followed a long corridor, coming at last to a locked door.  The Apprentice, Dave, attempted to pick the lock, only to be blinded by a gas trap, and the party was unable to get through the door.  Just around a corner beyond, the party found another door, went through it into a large room, and found a large group of kobolds.  This time, they showed no mercy (of course, none was asked), and they handily wiped out all sixteen kobolds.  Looting the bodies, they found both copper and silver coin, several gems, a wrought silver and gold necklace, and a jade bracelet the head kobold had been wearing as an armband.

They returned to Milburn Hall, promising Scrint they'd bring meat every few days to help the goblins survive.  At the Hall, they sold the gems and jewelry, and divided up their loot.  Salvador, Rudy, Draco and John all earned enough experience to reach first level:  Salvador and Draco became Mediums (1st level Magic-Users), John a Warrior (1st level Fighter) and Rudy an Acolyte (1st level Cleric).

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